Tips For Warm Weather Riding

Ah sun, remember that orangey yellow thing in the sky? It's not often we see it but when we do its important to remember a few tips to stay safe and cool on your bike. It’s easy to preach about wearing the right gear (don’t worry we’ll get to that!) but it’s important to remember all of your bike checks too!

Check your tires and make sure they’re at the right pressure (do this when they’re cold to get an accurate reading and check your service manual to get the correct psi for each tire.)

Make sure your chain is properly lubed and tightened (again, check your service manual to see the correct tension level your chain should be at.)

Check your breaks and break lights in case they need some work.

Check your oil level weekly (your engine works harder in the heat so its good to keep an eye on your level.)

Once a month check your oil filter, spark plugs and battery too to make sure they’re all in good shape.

Give your bike a good wash weekly to make sure any road gunk is washed off. It’s a good way to get up close and personal with the mechanics of your bike too so you can notice if something is looking off.

When riding in warm weather the temptation is high to not wear any gear simply because you’ll roast when sitting at lights – but road rash doesn’t care if it's a sunny day. There are lots of easy and cheaper options nowadays to make sure you stay ventilated while riding. Most good quality jackets will have an inner lining that can be taken out for riding in warm weather and the same goes with gloves, lots of brands will have vents you can unzip to let the air through, (don’t forget to bring the lining with you while riding, we all know how quick the weather can change!)

Wearing tight fitting clothing can actually help to cool you down as when sweat evaporates it has a cooling effect on the body. So try wear long sleeved tops underneath your vented jackets.

One of the most important things to remember while riding in the warmth is to stay hydrated! Even if you don’t feel thirsty its important to remember to bring water with you and drink regularly to replace any water you loose through your sweat as well as your electrolytes.

As for the ride itself, be on the look out for melted tarmac as it can be slippy under your wheels as well as any loose chippings on the road. Make sure you take regular breaks as well so you and your bike don’t overheat! Keep an eye on any electrical equipment you’re carrying also so it doesn’t do the same.

Final tip? Carry a spare lock with you while riding so you can lock all your gear if you want to go for a stroll while you’re stopped!

Well wear and ride safe!