Review - GoGo Gear LA Kevlar Leggings

Our Thoughts On - GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings

I decided to buy a pair of Kevlar leggings last year as I was tired of riding in my leather pants and then not being comfortable enough to walk around the place, especially when going for long spins etc. When I started researching which brand to get GoGo Gear came out top every time. You can order directly from the site here or alternatively I ordered mine from LadyBiker (here) as it was easier to have them delivered to Ireland this way. They worked out at about €170 without delivery.

The girls from LadyBiker were extremely helpful. I wasn’t sure whether to get an 8 or a 10 in size because I didn’t know how snug they’d be but after a quick (super helpful) Facebook conversation with Daisy from I went with the 8. Delivery was super quick and they arrived within the week.

They’re quite a snug fit but more so true to size rather than too tight. When going to rallies I’m juuuust about able to fit thermals underneath (it’s Ireland after all) so if you’re not sure what size to get I’d definitely try messaging GoGo Gear themselves for advice on sizing (or whatever supplier you're buying from.)

There are armoured knee pads inside (CE approved) which can be removed via a Velcro lining on the top of the inside knee pocket (careful it doesn’t scratch you when putting them on!) It’s important to note that when putting them on you have to be a bit delicate about it. Imagine you’re putting on real leggings and not jeans, you don’t just pull them up haphazardly you kind of wiggle into them as the lining can get disrupted.

The armour is actually quiet comfy to drive in. I’ve worn them on both cruisers and sportsbikes on long journeys and I don’t get any of that bone pain that you get when something is pushing down on you too tight. I’ve actually worn them to work a few times too for the day and they just felt like regular jeans which was great. There are pockets on the hips for extra armour if you feel like buying that separately as well for extra protection.

They also have belt loops in case you do buy the wrong size or you just want them to look a bit more like jeans. I’ve worn them now in summer and winter and they’re super comfortable in both. If you’re going for a long winter journey you might want to try putting a thin pair of thermals underneath but if you’re just zipping around they’re surprisingly warm!

They are machine washable and I know a few women who have actually dyed theirs when the black began to fade and it turned out as good as new. They're not waterproof but again an at home trick is to rub candle wax all over them and dry it in with a hairdryer. They won't be amazingly waterproof but it'll do the job.

To me the best thing about the GoGo Gear leggings is that they actually look like skinny jeans. You’re not just a shapeless blob with long hair on your bike which is what tends to happen with a lot of women’s bike gear. OH AND POCKETS! Yes ladies you read that right, they actually have working deep pockets (but only on the butt)

Arlene Battishill is a biker herself which you can tell from the design of the leggings that they're actually made by a woman who knows what she's talking about.

Now for the cons. For me, they're just that little bit too low-waisted so that I feel I have to keep shimmying them up to stop myself from having a muffin top etc. I'd love to try out the MotoGirl ones as I've heard they're more high waisted which would be handy for driving the ER. As well as this sometimes the velcro on the inside which keeps the shin armour in can come loose and scratch the crap out of you.

Pretty small cons if you think about it but still, gotta be honest!

So that's what I think of the GoGo Gear Kevlar leggings.

Let me know if you've ever tried them out and what you thought!